Empty Container Storage Yard

The  VERTEX  depot covers an area that  is  able  to  accommodate  near to 2,500 teus containers in block stow up to 5 high vertical stack . With such immense area, it can easily stack and store the containers as per MLO wise maintaining the FIFO plan . A part of it the sufficient traffic space confirms the smooth movements of all range of vehicles and equipments .The entire Laden Container Stack Yard is acutely developed in compliance with R.C.C design and concrete uni-pavers having 8000 psi bearing capacity which keeps the yard dust free, clean and dry round the year even in the rainy season. The entire yard is surrounded by 10-12 ft height boundary wall with 3 ft height barbed wire on top of it.

Our asset includes high capacity and efficient container handler, side lifter, forklifts, hydraulic crane that are designed  to  make the loading and unloading of containers as safe and smooth as possible. A number of industrial flash lamps are installed at the top of several light towers to light the entire yard and to ensure uninterrupted and safe movement at night.

A team of expertise receive every single container by inspecting it’s structural condition while receiving at depot and later survey and photograph the same in accordance with standard inspection parameter and such survey reports and Photography are transmitted to the client desk by Internet immediately.

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Envisioning future potentiality in the service oriented industries ancillary to sea port logistics and shipping arena and capturing the entrepreneurial spirit, we set up Inland Container Depot (ICD) in the year 1999.At the inception, we developed the degree of ICD business

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