Standard Lighting , Security and Safety

Sufficient fluorescent lighting fixtures and lamps backed by both IPS and generator confirm the adequacy of light within the warehouse to track and search every single cartoon at every corner of the floor. The entire empty container yard is lightened with 9 units of light tower fitted with 16 units high power professional industrial lamps at the top of the towers to confirm luminous vision at night. All the passage around the periphery wall of the depot are lightened with number of light sets.
All  the  motions and  movements  during  the  operation  are  monitored by  more than 70  units of professional  CCTV  installed  at  the  sensitive  and  priority corners especially the entrance and exit line of  the warehouse and yard. The CCTV  as  a  security  manager  keeps  the  entire  accommodation  of  the  warehouse and yard under keen observation and record the same for round the clock with backup / recall memory.

More over, we have been certified as International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) compliant company. This is an US coast guard requirement and all cargo handling areas interfaced with maritime trade are required to comply with the requirements of the ISPS Code. Hence, a team of security personals guide by PFSO (Port Facility Security Officer) discharge their attentions to the entire motion for 24 hours round the clock with an honest motive of securing every object of the area.

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Envisioning future potentiality in the service oriented industries ancillary to sea port logistics and shipping arena and capturing the entrepreneurial spirit, we set up Inland Container Depot (ICD) in the year 1999.At the inception, we developed the degree of ICD business

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