Chronological History

The modest genesis of the organization is in 1981 in the name of “Fisco Bangladesh Limited” which was an eventuality of dynamic initiative taken by the then brilliant founder to the enterprise, late Mr. Abdun Noor, the honorable founder of the enterprise. The organization was commenced the journey with a strategy of building its business and organizational career in production and distribution of diversified electrical GL lamps. On achievement of targeted success in electric lamp sector, the company stepped into paint linked chemical sector by introducing a new production line of Alkyed Resin in 1993. In search of a new opportunity in trade line, the company established a paint industry in 1997 being inspired by the growing tendency of verity paint consumption and its implementation in the country’s infrastructure development.  . 

In the mid of 1997 the former Managing Director and founder, late Mr. Abdun Noor discovered the opportunity of establishing a full fledged ICD and started the journey to turn his realization into reality. The project was completed and it was about to inaugurate for operation but the brilliant founder, late Mr. Abdun Noor was suddenly grasped by an early death and left his last breath on the 2nd February in 1999. This caused the organization a great loss of such dignified, dynamic and prudent entrepreneur who left his all distinguished contributions for his next followers. Later his hairs were participated in the management body and finally the project was inaugurated on the 11th November in 1999 and thus the inspiration of the departed Managing Director came into effect.

The addition of ICD Unit in the “Fisco Bangladesh Limited” business group was the result of an insightful perception on the part of its brilliant founder, late Mr. Abdun Noor who anticipated the need of a (for)  "One Stop" container depot that could serve (xBangladesh's) burgeoning and  increasingly  diversified   economy of Bangladesh,  in   addition  to relieving country's over-burdened container sea ports.

In course of time, the organization achieved the recognition of her flawless service quality which was the event of joint effort of the management and the entire team. In the month of October, 2007, the Managing Director of the company was changed and Mr. Imran Fahim Noor was elected as new Managing Director by the board of directors of the company. Simultaneously the name of the company was spontaneously changed to “Vertex Off-Dock Logistic Services Limited” by the board of Directors for more professional exposure.   

Today, “Vertex Off-Dock Logistic Services Limited” i.e. VOLSL plays a very crucial   role in supporting container movement in and out of Chittagong Port, the major gate way of Bangladesh and the center of the country's commerce and trade. With a special focus on serving exportable cargo consolidation, exportation and import cargo handling where  containerized  services are continually in demand, VOLSL is in a unique  position to assist the increased growth of the export & import and  support its transportation, logistics and shipment procedure.

Real Time Service

Message from MD

Envisioning future potentiality in the service oriented industries ancillary to sea port logistics and shipping arena and capturing the entrepreneurial spirit, we set up Inland Container Depot (ICD) in the year 1999.At the inception, we developed the degree of ICD business

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