Import Container & Cargo Handling


  1. Import laden container is removed from Port Terminal to our depot and the movement is tracked with the GPRS system. 
  2. Physical Inspection of the container and its seal is carried out and recorded while receiving at the depot.
  3. Lift-off at the import slot for storage and the Removal Report is passed to the carriers.
  4. The import laden container is placed at the Un-stuffing Yard for delivery of goods to the consignee or their Clearing Agent (C&F) after receipt of Delivery Order of MLOs and Bill of Entry which is duly out passed / Approved by Customs Authority.
  5. The goods is un-loaded from container and loaded on to the truck of the importer which is counted , Tallied by the clearing agent and they issue the Challen for carriage of the goods by the said truck or Van.
  6. On the basis of the Challen issued by the clearing agent, the truck or van loaded with import cargo is allowed to get out of the depot.
  7. LMD, Weighting, Bagging, sewing etc are arranged as per the requirement of the customers
  8. In case, the importer wants to take import laden container to their factory for un-stuffing, the container is lifted-on to their trailer upon receipt of necessary permission from customs and carriers.
  9. The Un-stuffing & the Release Reports are passed to the carriers.
  10. Efficient group of labors, necessary logistic and equipment are ensured also customs and other ritual documentation / formalities are carried out.
  11. Transfer the containers to the empty storage slot for onward usage or re-delivery

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Envisioning future potentiality in the service oriented industries ancillary to sea port logistics and shipping arena and capturing the entrepreneurial spirit, we set up Inland Container Depot (ICD) in the year 1999.At the inception, we developed the degree of ICD business

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