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The definition of "success" in business should never only be defined as the economic benefits for the corporations involved. Our contribution to employees and workers of the organization and local communities is also a crucial indicator. In our business operations, we create job opportunities, transmit knowledge to local people, and educate people with skill and knowledge. Due to the nature of our services and products, an increasing number of local people are now enjoying better job, work place and living. Few of our endeavors   on the welfare of labors, workers and employees have been discusses below :

a)   Dormitory: Accommodation facilities are rendered for the labour or workers for their rest and living necessity.

b)   Canteen facilities:  A fully fledge canteen building is built to cater hygienic food for all employees, stuff and labor. In our two stored canteen more than 100 people can have their meal easily.

c)    Transportation:  Vertex facilitates its executives with comfortable transportation advantage to attend  and return to/from their work place .

d)   Drinking water: A water treatment plant has been installed to ensure pure drinking water to all workers, labors and staffs.

e)   Training & Workshop: Vertex regularly arranges training session at the end of every month to develop skilled and effective operation team. Nowadays, private ICDs are handling more than 5 million TEUs yearly. Such huge operational work process could not be done as smooth as now in absent of expertise. Hence our endeavors  exists in promoting human resources by way of training and workshop.

f)   Events for Motivation/Refreshment: Yearly few events such as picnic, sightseeing, Mezban, New Year celebration etc are arranged and celebrated together for refreshment and motivation of employees.

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Envisioning future potentiality in the service oriented industries ancillary to sea port logistics and shipping arena and capturing the entrepreneurial spirit, we set up Inland Container Depot (ICD) in the year 1999.At the inception, we developed the degree of ICD business

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